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Winchester – A Movie and a Visit

If you have heard of the Winchester Mystery House, you know that it is a bizarre Victorian home built by Sarah Winchester, the heiress of the Winchester Arms company, and that it is renowned for its size, its architectural peculiarity, and its stories of ghost apparitions and paranormal activity.  What you may not know is that the Winchester Mystery House is within walking distance of the Madison Street Inn and is at the center of the newest ghost movie/supernatural horror film, Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built, which premiered just over a week ago in US theaters!  The Winchester Mystery House was closed for some of the filming last year of the movie, which makes it all the more real!  The Winchester Mystery House is a big tourist attraction in our area and many of our guests have stayed here to visit over the years.  We’ve even had a few guests who enjoy ghost hunting and paranormal activity bring their K2 ghost meters along for the ride!

Think of this: imagine planning a movie night with your friends and loved ones at your nearest movie theater, deciding to take a few mile stroll on a warm February evening, and then finding yourself passing by the very location where the movie you are about to see takes place! Well, that’s exactly what Ralph and Theresa did on the day that the Winchester movie premiered! As they passed by the Winchester Mystery House on their way to see the movie, they saw that there was a large reception going on for the premiere and that all were celebrating the big night.  Here are a few photos that Theresa took on their walk to see Winchester on opening night.

Although Theresa and Ralph saw Winchester in the newly remodeled lounge seats at CineArts in nearby Santa Row, they said that there wasn’t much lounging going on during the movie.  Many of the scenes made them jump several times and kept them on the edge of their seats! Some critics have said:

“it’s…a historical throwback in itself, a horror film in the way that horror films were likely to horrify in the inhibited time before the late sixties, with jumps and jolts of grotesquerie but without torture or gore or really anything that would cause squeamish viewers to cover their eyes” (Richard Brody: The New Yorker)

If you enjoy thrillers that are based loosely upon historical events, then this is the movie for you!

Up for a thrill? Stop by the Madison Street Inn for the evening, visit the Winchester Mystery House, and watch Winchester all in one! Visit us at or give us a call at (408) 249-5541 to book your stay!


Danielle Russo